Sleep Deeply Hypnotherapy

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“I’m able to have a good night’s sleep after many years of having difficulty sleeping all night. It feels great!”

-Rosa Schaub Newark, New Jersey


“Since I started using the CD I am sleeping better than I have in years. I no longer need to take medication to help me sleep and feel better during the day.”

-Jeff Martin, Los Gatos, California


Does it often take you more than 30 minutes to fall asleep at night? Or do you wake up frequently during the night – or too early in the morning – and have a hard time going back to sleep? When you awaken, do you feel groggy and lethargic? Do you feel drowsy during the day particularly during monotonous situations?

According to the (NSF) National Sleep Foundation, a not for profit organization promoting sleep education, and research, has declared March 30th National Sleep Awareness Day. According to a recent poll published by them, approximately 130 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders on a regular basis.

This number appears to be increasing by the growing number of sleep disorder centers across the nation (approximately 3,000 in the U.S. today) and the number of prescription drugs being prescribed for sleep-related disorders.

According to sleep researchers, the connections between a good night’s sleep and good health are numerous. A well-rested body and mind are important to even the most basic of day-to-day activities and is something that no one should go without.

This program will help you learn to fall asleep easier, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed from a great night’s sleep.

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