Emotional Freedom Hypnotherapy

This program is about emotional well being as well as living life more fully. Yes, you will feel better about yourself after listening to this program, and you will also feel more balanced emotionally.


We now know that emotions that remain unexpressed or repressed can cause serious problems in the mind and body. This is especially true in memories of the past, especially unresolved emotional trauma and hurts. Unresolved, these emotions can wreak havoc in our emotional lives. Left unresolved they can cause negative patterns in behavior and thinking and feeling. However, when you release these emotional blockages from your past it gives you back your energy and enthusiasm for life, not to mention emotional stability and resilience.

Now when you listen to this hypnotherapy session it will assist you to get to the root and help you release things at the subconscious level of your mind.

Emotional Freedom Hypnosis will help you resolve: anger, phobias, grief, self-sabotage, eating disorders, guilt, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, depression, and help you be more balanced emotionally.

Emotional clearing sessions involve fast and simple techniques to obtain the: “what, when, why and who” about the past trauma, which ones are active and causing problems, which are the highest priority to clear and feedback as to whether it was effectively and permanently resolved.

This is accomplished using relaxation and hypnosis to access the subconscious mind to access the emotional blockage and clear it. Clearing emotions is rather simple at this level of mind and very effective and lasting. After listening to this session you may begin to notice results right away. Because these sessions are designed to be simple and powerful transformation tools for you to use, you may find you need only listen once or twice to notice results. 

Just imagine for a moment how great you feel when you have a more emotionally balanced and fulfilling life? How amazing you feel because your emotions are open to feeling things more completely. Your life is more fulfilling and enjoyable when you open up and listen to the wholeness within. 

Emotional Freedom hypnotherapy can really help you let go of old limiting emotions and help you embrace and grab hold of all of those wonderful emotions that you have within.

By learning to let go of your negative emotions you can find inner peace room for a whole lot more positive emotions to take hold of and nurture. When you listen to this program you can feel relaxed and peace of mind that you are making changes. Just feel the acceptance as you begin to accept your emotions. You even express your self more constructively after you get a grip  on your emotions

Emotional Freedom Hypnosis will help you:

  • master your emotions
  • transform your beliefs
  • release  negative emotions

After you use this program you can feel the difference in your body and soul as you feel your emotions with more balance and maturity.

Through hypnosis, you discover important knowledge about your body, your life, and your ability to make changes in yourself. You learn to trust your emotions and begin to feel more connected with the world.

Very quickly, Emotional Freedom Hypnosis will help you feel emotionally balanced, whole, and complete.

When you can express your emotions in a healthy way and feel good about who you are at deeper levels you just naturally enjoy life more and express more of who you are.

There are two great ways you can get this program now. Just select MP3 below and download instantly or select CD and we will ship it to you. When you buy Emotional Freedom Hypnosis enjoy the gift of emotional well-being in your life!

Use this hypnosis download anytime during the day or night. Listen more to get more. You will be thoroughly amazed by this amazing hypnosis session soothing, relaxing, guiding you to greater and greater levels of peace and relaxation.

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